Are Watch Time and Engagement Important for YouTube Videos?

Facebook’s controversial 3 second video view count has been a subject of much contention. Given the scrolling nature of Facebook News Feed on the same page, unlike YouTube’s separate page for each video, a 3 second view count is highly debatable. On YouTube, opening a video’s page counts as a view because there is nothing […]

Tips to attract more Organic Traffic for your Youtube Channel & Videos

If you want to know how important YouTube is, watch the comment area of popular videos. YouTube is simply the next big thing. In fact, it already is.YouTube, like other social networks, grows by two way participation of both users and content creators. Although not to the extent of Facebook, both content creators and viewers […]

How to increase your YouTube Ad Revenues ? 6 smart tricks here

Don’t text ads of even Google AdSense feel archaic? Make no mistake about it! They’re still effective! We still use contextual text-based targeting in typical SEO fashion even for our videos. However, social video ads are also on the rise. With people watching more and more videos on social media, social video advertising is at […]

5 tricks to increase your YouTube channel views organically

YouTube is one of the easiest platforms to upload your creative and or candid video content. You can even take a few snaps and upload them on YouTube and run a slideshow for a limited audience. The real challenge begins when you are catering to a larger audience. You have to delve into the dynamics […]