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Crux Films is at the cutting edge of climbing instructional films. With three films already available to date, Masterclass 1&2 and Get Out on Rock. Both feature climbing guru Neil Gresham and for Get out on Rock we teamed up with Climbing Guide Libby Peter. All the films are available in all good climbing shops and from the online link above. Master Class Part 1 - Technique & Training Whether you climb F5 or F7c, this film is packed with tips to help you move more efficiently on the rock as well as training ideas to power you up harder and more sustained routes. The next level may be closer than you think. It's time to make those dream routes a reality. Masterclass Part 2 - Skills & Tactics for Sport & Trad It doesn't matter how much training you do - the best climbers are always the ones who know how to get the most from themselves when they're out on the crag. So if you're climbing between F5 and F7c, this fi lm is packed with practical advice to help you refi ne your game and unlock your potential on the cliff. Get Out On Rock Top-level climber and coach Neil Gresham has teamed up with Libby Peter an experienced Mountain Guide and climbing instructor to bring you the very latest in rock climbing skills and techniques. Whether youre venturing onto rock for the first time or getting more adventurous with your climbing, this film will provide both instruction and inspiration includingropework skills and movement techniques from basic to advanced, tackling single and multi-pitch climbs and how to prepare for m ountain and sea-cliff adventures. Neil and Libby introduce the essential skills progressively whilst also taking you on a tour of some of the UKs classic venues including Swanage, Stanage, the Roaches, Dinas Cromlech and Gogarth. Climbing is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. The skills and techniques covered in these DVD's promote safety and good practise. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure that the subject has been covered in full detail, Crux Films cannot accept any responsibility for any accident, injury, loss or damage sustained while following any of the techniques described.




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