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SUMMER SONIC ® festival produced by Creativeman Productions Festival sites are held in 2 cities, Tokyo and Osaka since the beginning. Started off in 2000, with 31 artists and 68,000 attendance. In 2013, the festival marked its best attendance, 230,000 audiences, and together with pre-party "Sonicmania" (, the total attendance reached 260,000. Headliners : 2000: Green Day & Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 2001: Beck & Marilyn Manson 2002: Guns n Roses & The Offspring 2003: Radiohead & Blur 2004: Green Day & Beastie Boys 2005: Oasis & Nine Inch Nails 2006: Metallica & Linkin Park 2007: Black Eyed Peas & Arctic Monkeys 2008: Coldplay & The Verve 2009: Beyonce, Linkin Park & My Chemical Romance 2010: Stevie Wonder & Jay-Z 2011: Red Hot Chili Peppers & The Strokes 2012: Rihanna & Green Day 2013: Metallica & Muse 2014: QUEEN + Adam Lambert & Arctic Monkeys

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