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Greetings and welcome. First, if you want a reply, don't comment on this page, send me a msg instead or comment on a particular vid. Next, some older vids have ratings disabled due to the rash of vote bots, people who have nothing better to do than run programs to vote down ratings of mostly non-religious vids. The ratings will stay disabled for the most part so if you like or hate an old vid with ratings disabled, just comment accordingly - I do respond to comments. If you are looking for truth, reason, logic and solid information about Christianity and the Bible, then stick around. I am an ex-Christian atheist with many thoughts and ideas to share. Note to Christians: please leave civil comments and if your comment is a question, I will try to answer it directly or provide a link to the answer with a summary of the answer in my reply. I reserve the right to remove any comment that simply attacks me. If you want to attack my beliefs/arguments, please do so with my blessings.

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