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Hello Ladies & Gents, for as long as I've known, my friends and clients have trusted my judgement in experimenting with products. Each individual represents a different enterprise to me, like a canvas to a painter, consistently accomplishing new and diverse looks. From mixing textures and colors to brands and quality. It is a passion of mine I've truly grown to excel in and appreciate. Over the years as I've evolved, so has my work. I've taken my experiences and knowledge and mixed it with a little culture and personal history. Metamorphosing that into my work, has helped me stay consistently extrinsic. I believe to achieve a "look," so to speak, all aspects of this look must be perfected. DETAILS MATTER.This blog is a HOW-TO guide for the everyday women like ourselves, to be able to read and follow in order to achieve the "new look," or trend thats "in." So listen up ladies, I pledge allegiance to my blog, that I will introduce you to the newest and hottest products on the market.

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