Ali Spagnola

Hi! I'm Ali. I make music and funny. New videos every Tuesday and Thursday! 1. I create One-Gal Band videos where I cover popular songs, playing all the instruments myself. 2. I Snapchat ridiculousness. (@alispagnola) 3. I make wild mashups of unexpected song combinations. 4. I'm turning your life into a musical by writing songs about stuff that happens to you all the time. 5. I invented the Power Hour Album and the Shot Glass USB… My live concert is a drinking game! 6. I lead an Outrageous Team on Patreon making silly decisions in everyday life. 6. I would very much like to be your internet pal :)

United States



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18 Dec 2006

Created Date
Subscribers 303.0 K
Views 25.35 M
Videos 579

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