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Early learning for a brighter future! That’s the mantra we live by at Brain Candy TV as we produce our fun educational videos for preschool kids. Your children will love learning their ABCs, numbers, colors and more with the help of our fun, action-packed vehicle animations featuring monster trucks and dump trucks, plus our cute dog Lizzy. My goal with this channel is to jump-start your child’s education so they can grow up to be more confident and successful in school, and in life. Recent studies have shown that learning between birth and 3 years old is crucial to your child’s cognitive and emotional development, so let’s make the most of their screen time by giving them the head start they deserve! As your child grows, so will the skill level of our topics, with greater emphasis on learning math in a fun way, as well as introducing them to the awe-inspiring wonders of science. Many thanks to you and your little “Brainiacs” for joining us on this adventure! Cheers, Michael

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