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Hi, I live in New York City and love YouTube. some FAQs Q. what'd i shoot that with A; BIG CAMERA; WIDE LENS; SMALL CAMERA; MICROPHONE; OTHER MICROPHONE; DRONE; OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great); Q. where did i go to film school A. never went to film school or college Q. what's that crazy space where i'm working in a lot of the videos A. that's my production studio in NYC, i built this space and have been here for almost 10 years. no don't live in this space, just work Q. what do i edit with A. final cut x. i don't love it. too crashy and clitchy but i hate learning new software Q. someone asked how old i am A. i'm 35. well for now i am. i was born in 1981 so if i don't update this before next year you can keep track on your own

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