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Designer, visionary, artist, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel reinvented fashion by transcending its conventions, creating an uncomplicated luxury that changed women's lives forever. She followed no rules, epitomizing the very modern values of freedom, passion and feminine elegance. "Fashion passes, style remains..." This simple statement captures the essence of her revolutionary contribution to culture. CHANEL continues, after almost a century, to inspire women of all ages all over the world with its timeless modernity. From the little black dress to the tweed suit, the quilted handbag to the two-tone shoe and camellia brooch, the perfect red lipstick and the world's best-selling fragrance N°5, the list of CHANEL's innovations is unparalleled. CHANEL has continued this glorious heritage of creation, playing fearlessly with Coco's radical legacy, offering a vision for the future of the House that is as memorable as its past.

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