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Welcome to FunkMMA Strength & Conditioning for MMA, Combat Athletes and people that want to look like a Fighter. If you clicked the Subscribe button you are officially part of the FunkMMA Tribe Yo, my name is Funk Roberts and I am a former professional athlete turned MMA Conditioning Coach, Certified Personal and Metabolic Trainer, Kettlebell and Plyometrics Specialist and Fat Loss Expert. My mission is to help you become a better combat fighter and athlete by helping you build kill cardio, increase power and strength, be more explosive, build lean muscle, burn fat, improve speed and endurance and become truly ELITE in your sport. If you goal is to look like a fighter then my mission is to help you burn fat, build lean muscle and get FIT. I will upload weekly workouts, nutrition info, best exercises, supplement reviews, interviews, Q&A's and even LIVE EVENTS! Together we will work together to make you ELITE! Train Hard, Fight Eazy and Get It Done!

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