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About: Instagram:@genhalilintar Inspiring family of Gen (Mom) and Halilintar (Dad) and 11 kids, with no maid, no baby sitter, no nanny no driver. Independent kids, organizing home like hotel concept (each kid incharge of each division i.e. laundry, housekeeping, kitchen-F&B, IT maintenance, nursery, etc) and each kid already runs business by their passions (motto: "We promote, we sell, what we eat, what we wear(walking mannequin), what we use, what we utilize"). They love traveling all over the world together-5 continents until the North Pole. "From Knowing God-Knowing Each Other-Feeling together-Thinking together-Working together-Traveling together-Trading together-last but not least Trending together". contact: : telp/wA +62 857 333 66 755 / +62 813 819 222 36 / +62 817 220 947

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