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Social Media Account Tracking, #Hashtag Tracking & Subscriber Behavior Analytics - All in one Platform

BrandMaxima is a leading Social Media Intelligence & Analytics Platform for Brands, Digital Media Agencies, Content Creators, Academic researchers and Journalists. BrandMaxima tracks over 50 Million Social Media Channels, 5 Billion Social Media content and Analyze the behavior of over 500 Million Consumers worldwide everyday.

BrandMaxima Dashboard

Social Media Account Tracking & Reporting

BrandMaxima's Social Media Account Tracking & Reporting features allows one to track and monitor the performance of any Social Media account in YouTube, Twitter & Facebook. BrandMaxima provides live insights on how posts / videos of an account is performing, Follower Rank based on global, category and country level, audience engagement analysis based on different factors like posting times, content category, content length, media etc. It also provides the list of most popular content, most engaged content and filter them date, category, language etc.

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#Hashtag / Keyword Tracking & Reporting

BrandMaxima's #Hashtag / Keyword Tracker allows you to track and monitor the performance of any #Hashtag / Keyword and give actionable insights like How the tags are performing over time, What is its potential reach, Who are the Top Influencers who posted about it, Who are the top Contributors, What are their geographical distribution, Demographic and Sentiment Analysis etc. You can also download all the posts mentioning the keyword in an customizable PDF format or an excel format.

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Predictive Consumer Behavior Analytics

Consumer Behavior Analytics is all about understanding who is your consumer, what do they do and how they act. BrandMaxima's Consumer Behavior Analytics provides detailed insights about the Subscribers/Followers/Fans of any Social Media Account with their Demographical and Geographical data, the topics they are interested in, the content they are consuming in other channels / accounts and the list of other social accounts they follow / subscribe to.

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Influencer Marketing

BrandMaxima's Influencer Marketing Platform provides you the option to identify Influencers for your Brand or Campaigns with the help of deep filters like Country, Category, Active Status, Followers Count, Follower/ Following Ratio, Views Count, Age & Gender, Language etc. We also publish Top accounts, Fast Growing accounts, Highest Subscribers/Followers/Fans Gaining accounts and Cross Platform Ranking Worldwide, Countrywide and Categorywise. This will help you to identify and track the influencers for any of your campaigns in minutes.

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