How to convert Instagram Personal Profile to Business Profile?

Before converting your Instagram Personal profile to Business profile just know the differences and added benefits you get from a Professional account.

The Instagram account types are classified into two categories: Personal and Professional. The Professional account as the name specifies is suitable for a person who wants to showcase his profile to a lot of followers and makes the best out of it. The Professional account provides some exclusive features that are not available in a Personal account. Under Professional there are two types: Business and Creator. Moreover, they both share some similar features like Instagram Insights, providing collaboration option with other accounts, contact button feature etc. Other than that the Business account have API access which helps in scheduling, third party analytics and also providing access to Facebook Creator Studio for managing Instagram through your desktop. But the API access feature alone is not available for Creator profiles, instead they have full music library access.

To be exact if you need scheduling, go for Business account else if you need full access to music library to create Reels, go for Creator account.

Here is the easy step by step guide to convert your Instagram Personal Profile to Business Profile in just 5 minutes.

1. Click on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner, then click on Settings icon at the bottom of the page.

2. Now click Account. On clicking it you will see a list of options. Swipe down till the end to find the 2 options to create a Professional Account.

  • You can switch your existing account to Professional Account by clicking Switch to Professional Account.

Or you can create a new Professional Account by clicking Add New Professional Account.

3. After clicking Switch to Professional Account, you will see some information regarding the benefits of Business Account.

4. Keep on clicking the Continue button.

5. Then comes Select a Category option, here choose an appropriate category for your business.

  • You can toggle the Display category label ON if you want the category label to be seen in your bio.

6. Then in the next screen you have to choose between Creator or Business. Click on Business and press Next.

7. In the next page you have to fill in your contact details. Press Next.

8. Now a screen appears where you can connect to your Facebook page or you can simply skip it and add it later.

9. The next screen will display a welcome message and you will have to complete your profile by filing in the details required.

10. Finally your Instagram profile is converted from Personal to Business account.

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