Tiktok Creator Marketplace – Deathknell to Influencer Platforms and Influencer marketing agencies ?

2020 is definitely an important year for Influencer Marketing industry. As Facebook just announced the expansion of its Brand Collabs Manager to include Instagram creators, now its rival Tiktok has started inviting creators for the beta version of its Creator Market place.

With these launches, section of people in the industry are bit pessimistic about the future of Third party Influencer marketing platforms and agencies. But i believe there is no such thing to worry and these market places will actually help the industry grow, provide authentic feel and organize the Influencer industry.

My first impression about the Tiktok creator market place is that their search is limited and for well known reasons, influencer analytics is very basic. Third-party platforms like us provide advanced searches including Engagement rates, Bot detection, Audience quality measurement etc, which is highly unlikely to be available in these platforms.

Also agencies cant be completely cut out of the scene with self-serve options as brands and SMBs lacks knowledge and resources for running Influencer campaigns on their own.

Interesting and Challenging times ahead 🙂

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