The best social media platform for your influencer campaign is ?

Could you pls. suggest me the best tech stack for my startup or upcoming project?

One of the most frequent questions, I receive from my friends / network who would like to start new.

My immediate answer is, “Start with the tech stack, your technical co-founder or team knows best”.

Similarly, off-late, I’m getting a lot of queries to suggest the best social media platform to start the influencer marketing or social media marketing?

My answer is the same. “Start with the platform you or your marketing team knows best”.

Each platform is unique. The audience is different if not the consumption pattern is different. It requires completely different execution strategies for each platform. So before you adjudge your brand-market fit, you will end up wasting time and resources in understanding the platform.

So start with the one, you are familiar with and validate the idea / concept first. Dealing scalability issues is a sweet problem to solve later on.

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