5 tricks to increase your YouTube channel views organically

YouTube is one of the easiest platforms to upload your creative and or candid video content. You can even take a few snaps and upload them on YouTube and run a slideshow for a limited audience. The real challenge begins when you are catering to a larger audience.

You have to delve into the dynamics of the audiences to figure out what works and what doesn’t. That’s where a few tricks and hacks come in handy. Yes, it is achieved through a few tricks that you can perform on YouTube. Yet, it all works better with reports and data that can give you deeper insights into what you can do to improve your video performance.

Here are a few tricks that you can perform on your YouTube channel to bring in more views, likes, comments and subscribers:

1) Video Duration

The best duration for your video depends upon a lot of factors. Audience demography, geography, the time of day, day of the week, devices usedall go into making videos that reach your audiences easily.

Generally, YouTube videos of 3 plus minutes duration are considered to have content value. Shorter videos are preferred but are also quickly forgotten. 3 to 8 or 10 minute videos command the most viewership than videos of shorter or longer duration.

Sometimes, the duration influences a viewer into deciding whether he wants to watch the video or not.So, duration is one of the primary decisions a social video content creator has to make.

2) Grab a title that grabs audience’s attention

Controversial and click bait titles work but it is also the surest way to lose credibility. Titles that evoke curiosity always work. Or it should appeal to some benefit or value the user will get by watching the video. Channels about “Health & Fitness” appeal directly to benefits or value, while videos on finance and science appeal to knowledge. Titles that hook audiences to your videos always work and make sure you deliver what you promise with your content.

3) Walk Your Audience through Your Content

Walk your audiences through your content effectively without any dilly dallying, as you are sure to lose audiences and subscribers by delaying what you promise to deliver. If audiences lose patience, they are going to walk right away. So, keep a good pace and make the reveal where you actually should.

4) Use Text effectively

Flash texts, pop-up texts, closed captions, subtitles and textual visual elements help you reach a wider audience. Videos are about viewing not listening. Sometimes, viewers find it tiring to just hear you talk on a video. So, keeping closed captions on does help reach more number of viewers across the globe.

Similarly, you can subtitle your videos yourself, which is a bit of a task as well. Or you can simply leave closed captions on. Flashing texts as you speak is also a good way to communicate your content better. You can use them to point to topics, if you are merely delivering content vocally. However, refrain from using the same in videos with traditional story arc and serious creative content.

5) Ensure SEO Reach

Yes, tags, descriptions, etc. may be used by both search engines and YouTube algorithms to rank you. On Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the focus is on trending topics than search ranking, as in Google.

However, YouTube still uses the title, descriptions and tags to match your content with what viewers want. The title should make viewers curious enough to click, while optimizing the same to search terms (keywords) will also get you more views. Make sure YouTube recommends you in a big way to as many users as possible with your title, descriptions and tags consisting of keywords.

This is just a tip of the iceberg or in fact we can say the above tips are just the basics. Serious YouTube content creation requires understanding of more metrics, reports and analyses. For now, suffice it to say that the above tips will see you home and will even get you a million views quite easily. The numbers depend on the type of content though.

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