How to increase your YouTube Ad Revenues ? 6 smart tricks here

Don’t text ads of even Google AdSense feel archaic? Make no mistake about it! They’re still effective! We still use contextual text-based targeting in typical SEO fashion even for our videos. However, social video ads are also on the rise. With people watching more and more videos on social media, social video advertising is at an all-time high.

With social video ad spend projected to double up to $4 billion, there is something in it for every content creator. Those who are into video production can benefit for sure making ad videos. Sometimes, the videos are user-generated as well, just shot with smartphone cameras. At the same time, creative content creators are currently being part of a grand revolution. With the same smartphone cameras, they can create videos and upload them online instantly.

There, of course, are challenges, as more and more content creators are taking to social videos even by accident. So, here is how you can claim a share of the social video ad spend that is growing exponentially year after year:

1) Get Close to Your Target Audience

For ad revenue, content creators can only make the best videos and hope they are able to contextually appeal to their target audience in getting them to click on their ads. Videos can’t be tailored for your audience to click on ads. They have to be real true creative content, entertainment or infotainment as in tutorials. In short, your videos should serve their purpose, so that more number of people watch your videos and more number of people click on ads.

2) Win Subscribers

This can feel like a no-brainer but YouTube subscribers and social media followers most often reflect brand loyalty. Winning subscribers is minimum guarantee to get views of at least one tenth of the number of subscribers you have. Depending upon how good your content is, you may get 80%, 90% views from your subscribers or even 110% to 200% to 500%, winning you even more subscribers and consequently more ad clicks.

3) Great Content is Way to Great Revenue

There is nothing that beats great content. It can also happen that despite a million views, you may have gotten very less ad clicks and so very less revenue. Anyhow, popular channels and quality can convert into earnings better than a channel with very less number of subscribers and poor videos. The keyword still in social video is hope. And it’s only till you build a brand and depend on Google Ads for YouTube. Once you have built a brand, it’s a different story altogether.

4) Work Smart. Not Hard.

Hard work can become quite exhausting. Your earnings may also be less. Minimize your effort, maximize your creativity and find creative ways to make videos than work hard for each.

5) Populate Videos

Social video is all about quality as well as quantity. If you upload once a year, you won’t get much earnings to even compensate for the effort you put in to make the video. Upload one daily or once in two or three days or at least once a week. You will see that by the 80/20 principle 20 percent of your videos are paying for the other 80 percent, while the 80 percent still make 20 percent of your revenues. Variety, quality and quantity go a long way in creating good returns on the internet than quality alone.

6) Be Worthy of Sponsorship

Build a brand so that you can get sponsors from outside Google and YouTube. You don’t have to depend on one source of income. Even though you can still keep monetization on on YouTube, you can find sponsors and generate large income, as YouTube earnings have never been big numbers.

You can talk about the service or add sponsors’ slides or videos before, during and after the video. You can also keep the brand name, website or text on the top right corner, throughout your video. You can charge differently for each ad service as above.

It’s also possible to have more than one sponsor for your videos, if neither partner pays you exclusively for that particular video. Or you can get paid exclusively to display a particular brand in your video.

Social video is not only the ads played by YouTube monetization program. You become part of the social video ad spend yourself, if you “include paid advertisements” on your social video.If you are starting fresh, you can go some distance or even a long way with YouTube monetization, if you are lucky.

Else, you can build a brand by creating a very popular channel over time and find sponsors who will pay you large amounts of money to advertise on your videos. Despite the challenges, making money out of YouTube has become quite easier compared to world gone by in the past decades!

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